Vintage Watch Typography

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I recently sold a collection of early twentieth century watches in preparation for the Apple watch revolution. Before letting go of these treasures, I took some macro photos of the distressed lettering adorning their delightful and distinctive faces. I’m fond of this style of robust lettering.

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Salvaged Typography

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I spotted these curious artworks at Baruch College while attending a concert there recently.


Sculpture made from cash register parts by Nat Werner: “Peacock”


Sculpture made from typewriter parts by Nat Werner: “Mask of Messumeh”

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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Graphic design was transformed by Steve Jobs/Apple. We owe him a huge debt. In 1989 Postscript allowed desktop computers and printers to accurately render colors, designs, images, and most importantly, typography. This innovation led to a paradigm shift in the creation of marketing materials, videos, and interactive media.

My first professional setup was a Mac IIcx, an Apple Laserwriter, a Radius 19 inch monitor that weighed about 200 lbs., a 14.4 mbps modem. I paid $25,000 which included a service contract an a few other bells and whistles—and I was happy to pay it. We transmitted our ads and page layouts to a service bureau in New Jersey by dedicated modem, and received monochromatic Linotronic output pages the next day by messenger. It reduced our typesetting costs by 10 fold overnight.