Sony DSC-RX100-M3 Beats Expectations

By May 12, 2015Commentary


I’m not a professional photographer but am often in a position to use my photography in design work for clients. Camera technology has improved radically in the last year or so, making my job easier and the client’s costs lower.

My most recent purchase — the new Sony DSC-RX100-M3 — confirms that the world of SLR photography is being challenged head-on by the small form factor, large sensor enthusiast models.

I recently took this tiny camera (pocket-size) to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for a test. This is a sample of a photograph taken without a tripod, without any lights, without any planning. Just a snapshot taken of a model posing for a different photographer. It’s not a great photograph, however the significant point is that the un-cropped image can be reproduced at 12 × 18 inches at 300 dpi. — the minimum required resolution for high fidelity printed reproduction. That’s huge.

The specifications are impressive. This camera has a very bright F1.8 Zeiss lens allowing for the ever-popular soft focus background. It records 1080p video with stereo mic sound. It has a 13.2 × 8.8mm sensor yielding a 21 MP image. And it is only 9.3 oz. and fits easily in the palm of your hand.